Rosher Genealogy

Back in the mid nineties, I was written to by someone who turned out to be a very distant cousin.  He was Denis Rosher, and he was tracing the history of the Rosher family name.  As well as carrying out historic research, he had written to as many living Roshers as he could find, including me.

Denis Rosher

At that time I could trace my father’s line back to… well… my late father!  Not much to go on really.  Nevetheless, with an inspired bit of delving he managed to link me into his extensive paper files and I joined the ‘family Rosher’… Since then I have been contacted by many Roshers, Rosiers, Roshiers and other variations on the family name. Where I have been able, I have added to their family history knowledge, and far more often they have added to mine – for which I am forever grateful.

My family tree database now holds more than three thousand names, dates and relationships, on at least three distinct families Rosher that have yet to be connected. They go back to the 1600s and the best guesses of people more expert than I consider our family to have been involved in the Huguenot retreats from France. There is speculation that the family ‘originated’ in the south of France.

The links below take you to further pages about our family name, with anecdotes, pictures and documents. The main database is not here of course, and neither is it currently available online, but please do get in touch if you are interested.

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