Kidney Day!

There are seldom many days between good reasons to open a bottle of bubbly in our house, and today is the second anniversary of Janet's kidney transplant. This complicated photograph shows her brother in the background, doing the "proper" photograph, while I nick a quickie from the side. Two years! Such a blessing to have... Continue Reading →

Riding the Roller-Costa (update)

Ok, it's not strong and it's certainly not as good as my own grind and brew, but I'm very glad someone thought to put not one but two Costa's in Southmead Hospital. Yes, we're back again today, and it's not even a Monday, Wednesday or Friday... Following a call from the renal clinic last night,... Continue Reading →

Life on the Rollercoaster (update)

I should have known I wouldn't get away with stopping the kidney updates! Thanks for your prompts, generally along with lines of "there's been no news! what's the news?", and in truth the web site has never been so busy. How can I disappoint my eager public? So we've been home for a couple of... Continue Reading →

Unwrapping the gift

Now the initial shock is past and we're working through the pain filled grimaces and planning the homecoming it's worth considering the other side of this good news. The donated kidney came from somewhere, and while we don't know anything about its previous owner I doubt they intended to pass it along at this particular... Continue Reading →

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