Not only am I a grumpy bugger, I'm an unapologetic grumpy bugger, and I can't avoid a grump when I see boxes of wasted food. Yes, it's pumpkin time again. As a pagan, of course, I'm more than open to the time of year. Samhain is a wonderfully inspiring point on the annual race around... Continue Reading →

Thought for the Week – Yule

Well, another one writ, and with a small plug for the TDN and CC result... In the pagan year there is a kind of resting space between Samhain and Yule. From honouring memories of our ancestors at Samhain, we join in Remembrance of our honoured dead, and into a world itself seemingly dying. Leaves fall,... Continue Reading →

Thought for the Week – Samhain

“Thought for the Day” – for Thursday 29th October And so once again the wheel of the year turns and we are at Samhain - or Halloween if you choose, full of ghosts and ghouls running from house to house in search of tooth decay… Samhain (the word derives from “summers end”) is the Pagan... Continue Reading →

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