Leave only footprints…

I came away from Druid Camp knowing the site was in use again the following week for Super Spirit. As we left, we made sure we left the site in good order. That's a part of finding relationship with a place. Now that Super Spirit too has ended, I've come across a photograph of the... Continue Reading →

What’s happening Eclipse Internet?

So what's the answer, Eclipse Broadband? I've removed all other devices from the line, rebooted the router and checked the firmware for updates. I've tested at kiddie-time and early in the morning, so it's not contention... Two megs didn't feel very fast when I had it, but you have to accept some limitations when you're... Continue Reading →

Tidy as you go…

This weekend was the village Spring Clean. I can't really understand the rationale of folk who litter and it boils my blood when I see someone drop their crap all over the place. The village is generally clean and tidy anyway - until you look closer. Miss, miss and me went out this lunchtime complete... Continue Reading →

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