People’s Vote march London

It was a hint of the extraordinary day to come that we arrived in London to join the million plus (current estimates) others calling for a people's vote - or more often a complete revocation of Article 50 - only to find that we had randomly stood smack bang next to the chair of the greenway action... Continue Reading →

The Kids Are All Right!

I was in the thick of the Bristol #YouthStrike4Climate March the other day, and thoroughly proud of the kids. They turned out in their hundreds, in weather that didn't really promise much, and shouted and chanted and marched and bloody well protested for some long overdue climate action. As a child of the sixties I remember well... Continue Reading →

Gloucestershire Climate March pics

Gloucestershire's Climate March started from the Subscription Rooms in Stroud and marched up to Rodborough Sports Field. Numbers were said to be around 600, although I suspect as ever this figure was gently massaged... nevertheless you can see how long the cortege was as it meandered through the town and up the hill... The scarf... Continue Reading →

The Druid Network supports Team Badger

How do you define the spirit of a place? What are the component parts that come together to produce that immersive understanding that here is a thing? Woodlands are not just trees. How we treat our landscape defines us. As Druids, we come together in nature to experience, enhance and simply enjoy our connection with the gods,... Continue Reading →

I foresee trouble ahead…

Now, I don't sell spiritual advice. I don't seek words from those gone ahead and I deal with the gods on a strictly one to one many basis, so I'm not directly involved. But I wonder how the change in law repealing the 1951 Fraudulent Mediums Act in favour of the Consumer Protection Regulations will... Continue Reading →

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