Top Trumps

It is unutterably sad to me that our leaders show such disregard for those they purport to lead that they feel able to walk roughshod over the most common of decencies. Once, when politicians were found to be corrupt, in deeds or in life style, they backed away from public life and hid, in the... Continue Reading →

The Opportunity of Scotland

Sometimes, it might be best not to ask the question... You know you might not like the answer. Be it "do you still love me", or "should I have that extra pint before I go home", you know the answer isn't always going to make you glow inside. And yet sometimes it is time to... Continue Reading →

I’m not a Tory but

<applause!> <APPLAUSE!> Ok, I'm far too cynical to accept everything I hear without question, but the words, the words... reflect absolutely how I feel about the way 'our' government has gone over the last decade or two - back even into the last Tory stint. Perhaps, on planet bish somewhere in fantasy land, there are honourable MP's and... Continue Reading →

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