Arsenal (not the team) Pt 3

I can see, amongst the barely noticed pages of my irregular blog, that there's been a fair bit of interest in my articles on the Arsenal AI camera add-on. Ok, so it's probably time to admit how little I'm using it, but how useful it is being when I do. To recap, the Arsenal was... Continue Reading →

Mac week one

I must stop telling people "I've gone over to the dark side..." I got a very old fashioned look from the otherwise really helpful and friendly bloke in the Bristol Apple Store yesterday, where I'd gone to pick up the Magic Trackpad I forgot to order with the rest of the kit. lol [note: the... Continue Reading →

Being second best…

It's not so bad, really, being second best. I used to be number one photographer in the house, but although I've won a couple of minor competitions I've never yet had to go and collect my award... Charlotte has. Congratulations to miss, who won the District 1100 Seniors section of the Rotary Club Young Photographer Competition 2012.... Continue Reading →

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flashgun

Well I guessed about three months ago we were due for a new Canon flash, and wanting to upgrade my old 220EX I held off buying the 580EX II... but the announcement today that the flash is listed at £680 makes me realise I quite like my old flash. I'll wait and see what the... Continue Reading →

So… 2012 then…

I notice so many pagan folk bemoaning the celebration of new year. Not our new year... ours is at Samhain. And I mostly share that view too; if one has to find a start/stop point on an ever-turning wheel... but culturally we are tied to the landscape we inhabit, which is predominantly Christian. And so as well... Continue Reading →

Druid Camp 2009ce

Well, that's Druid Camp over for another year and what an excellent few days it was! If you weren't there or don't get to see the Facebook photo's just remember I'm a very sensible and sober individual who would never do that! Ahem. The picture is shot with my nice new Canon 10-22 wide angle... Continue Reading →

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