Vote for me (or at least, vote!)

I'm in the interesting position of actually being on a ballot paper next month! I first joined my parish council in 2007 (twelve years ago!) under the rules of co-option. That means there was a space on the council due to someone leaving but there was no election scheduled. I can't remember now why the... Continue Reading →


It all comes around again, and this year Remembrance was actually on Sunday 11th November, and at eleven o'clock plus or minus we held ourselves quietly and remembered those who ensured we had the chance to make this land as we chose. The parish council took over the organisation of our village Remembrance ceremony last... Continue Reading →

Charfield Burial Ground ready to go

What a lovely way to spend a sunny spring equinox day, wandering over our brand new burial ground! Today we are basically able to inter if needed - although of course I sincerely hope we  don't have anyone need our services for a while yet... So under blue skies and amidst birdsong and gentle breezes... Continue Reading →

Power of Prayer

Well you heard it here first, and I'm not always proved right. Eric (I'm in a bit of a) Pickles has played his trump card in response to the banning - or more accurately, the declaring unlawful - of prayers during Council meetings. Pretty close to what I said a week ago in my blog post.... Continue Reading →


I was obviously interested to read today that a town council has been found to have exceeded its statutory powers by putting prayers on the agenda of the full meetings of the council. The case has gone right up to the High Court and there may yet be an appeal, but substantially it has been... Continue Reading →

Fun with Trees

See, you never know how the day is going to go...  As Chairman of the Parish Council and local Tree Warden too, when I was faced with a parishioners complaint about a gorgeous but ponderously large Weeping Willow, I sought advice from the county Tree Officer.  We met under the fronds of the Willow, which is... Continue Reading →

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