Druid Camp: 5 weeks to go!

 I felt the need to express my gratitude, delight and overwhelming love for all the folk who've stepped up to the challenge of Druid Camp this year. I'm just doing some additions to the profiles pages here http://www.druidcamp.org.uk/category/2018blog/ and it's a delight to see old and new friends preparing for a fabulous camp. Druid Camp - heh,... Continue Reading →

Cropredy 2013

Having only just got back from France on the Wednesday, and in my case still a little blissed out from Druid Camp, we had decided not to do Fairport's Cropredy Convention this year. But having a spare day and the weather being fine, we decided to take a ride out on Morrigan to see our... Continue Reading →

Druid Camp 08

Just back from this year's Druid Camp. After only five days in a field I can't get over the feeling that the house feels enclosing and dark! I found myself putting all the lights on as I walked around the place unpacking, where I would have been perfectly fine with the evening twilight before - it's... Continue Reading →

Don’t say it… I know.

I'm a very naughty boy. 🙂 Promise I won't buy anything at Priddy Folk Festival this weekend. It's an NS WAV electric double bass in Amber Sunburst and it's... well it's rather lovely. Plugged into the Line 6 Low Down it sounds pretty double bass-like, although I have to keep it down a bit or... Continue Reading →

Pianos and blackbirds

I've just hauled the piano out of the garage, where it's been laid up for some years, and put it in the lounge. Out of tune and dusty as it is right now, miss couldn't keep her hands off it and the house resounds to runs of wonderful if slightly hesitant "chopsticks"! It's remarkable how... Continue Reading →

I’ve been a baaaaad boy!

Oh, instant gratification, such a vile affliction! We went up to Chester on Friday evening to spend the weekend with friends, and decided after Sunday breakfast to walk the city walls. This lead almost inevitably to the lads and lasses splitting up; the lasses going shopping, and the lads going... er, shopping - but in... Continue Reading →

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