Leave only footprints…

I came away from Druid Camp knowing the site was in use again the following week for Super Spirit. As we left, we made sure we left the site in good order. That's a part of finding relationship with a place. Now that Super Spirit too has ended, I've come across a photograph of the... Continue Reading →

Druid Camp: 5 weeks to go!

 I felt the need to express my gratitude, delight and overwhelming love for all the folk who've stepped up to the challenge of Druid Camp this year. I'm just doing some additions to the profiles pages here http://www.druidcamp.org.uk/category/2018blog/ and it's a delight to see old and new friends preparing for a fabulous camp. Druid Camp - heh,... Continue Reading →

Cropredy 2013

Having only just got back from France on the Wednesday, and in my case still a little blissed out from Druid Camp, we had decided not to do Fairport's Cropredy Convention this year. But having a spare day and the weather being fine, we decided to take a ride out on Morrigan to see our... Continue Reading →

Beltane Blessings

"The time is out of joint; O curs'd spite, That ever I was born to set it right!" With weather such as we've had recently it's hard to feel the burst of life that even now is pushing through into the landscape. Summer feels so far away (I think it was mostly in February and March) but... Continue Reading →

Don’t say it… I know.

I'm a very naughty boy. 🙂 Promise I won't buy anything at Priddy Folk Festival this weekend. It's an NS WAV electric double bass in Amber Sunburst and it's... well it's rather lovely. Plugged into the Line 6 Low Down it sounds pretty double bass-like, although I have to keep it down a bit or... Continue Reading →

Sumer is i-cummin in…

Blessings of the passion-fires of Beltaine. 😀 It pays, I find, to mark the seasons as they pass by. Not only as a pagan, but as someone for whom time flies past ever faster! It doesn't seem yesterday that Imbolc celebrated the new buds of spring and now the May is already in full blossom.... Continue Reading →

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