Generating News

The media is full of Brexit, but behind that in the "other news" is the long anticipated release that Hitachi are pulling out of the Wylfa nuclear build. This follows the news that Toshiba were also stepping back from nuclear, and of course the long running fiasco that is Hinkley C. Nearly all our nuclear... Continue Reading →

Watching the guilt-meter…

Just bought one of these... The Owl Now I can sit at my study desk and watch the instantaneous cost of the electrical goods in my home as they all consume, consume, consume their way through the National Grid's finest mobile electrons! lol. They are on offer this month only, at £29.95 including delivery. Elsewhere... Continue Reading →

A day in the life

What a strange day! This morning we found one of the chickens with a badly infected foot - probably the result of a previous mite attack gone bad. I decided she was not going to recover, which meant I had to provide the assistance into her next cycle. Only the second girl I've had to... Continue Reading →

Christmas lights…

Blessings of the Winter Solstice an' all that... Why, though, is it that while we are remonstrated at daily to turn off, not to leave on standby, to reduce reuse recycle... the media are so enamoured of fools with pretty lights all over their homes? Again this evening the local news channel showed a whole... Continue Reading →

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