The Hedge Druid’s Craft, a review

The Hedge Druid’s Craft, by Joanna van der Hoeven The subtitle for this Pagan Portals booklet is “an introduction to walking between the worlds of Wicca, Witchcraft and Druidry”, and it forms one part of a larger work of booklets from Moon Books that outline the concepts of many pagan pathways. Released in 2017, this... Continue Reading →

Leave only footprints…

I came away from Druid Camp knowing the site was in use again the following week for Super Spirit. As we left, we made sure we left the site in good order. That's a part of finding relationship with a place. Now that Super Spirit too has ended, I've come across a photograph of the... Continue Reading →

Druid Camp 2018

So here I am, home again from Druid Camp. A simple name for a complex community gathering, and one I've been going to for around twenty years now. This year, for the first time, because of (well) stuff, I've been directly involved in it all as part of the core team, alongside Mark Graham. But... Continue Reading →

Druid Camp: 5 weeks to go!

 I felt the need to express my gratitude, delight and overwhelming love for all the folk who've stepped up to the challenge of Druid Camp this year. I'm just doing some additions to the profiles pages here and it's a delight to see old and new friends preparing for a fabulous camp. Druid Camp - heh,... Continue Reading →

Staying Alive

The Druids of myth and legend were part of an oral tradition. This, we are told, is why we know almost nothing about the tradition they followed; their practices are now those reported by ancient historians, for the most part members of rival and conquering societies. History is written by the winners, it is said,... Continue Reading →

Peace One Day for Druids

Tomorrow is Peace One Day day. If you’ve not come across it, POD was established at the end of the last century by an actor and film-maker, Jeremy Gilley, who called for a day of peace, of ceasefire and non-violence. Just one, not much to ask, eh? In 2001 it was adopted by the UN... Continue Reading →

How do you become a Druid?

This article came about as a result of the simplest question. Asked in all honesty by someone seeking a real and genuine answer. It came into the office email address of The Druid Network and it said, "Excuse me, how do you become a Druid?" How can it be that such a succinct enquiry can... Continue Reading →

Imbolc at Clearwell Caves

Nipped over to the Forest of Dean today, to Clearwell Caves, for the annual Imbolc Rite of the Cotswold Pagan Society. It might seem odd to dive under the ground for a ceremony that honours the emerging light of the new year, and the mother goddess Brigid, reknown for being the keeper of the flame.... Continue Reading →

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