Rites of Passage and Passing

I lowered a lovely man into the earth today; an unexpected honour and not a little emotional. Along with a few others, I carried his wicker coffin from the bier on which we had pulled him to his graveside, and gently ran the tapes through my hands as he was accepted back into the land... Continue Reading →

Funerary rites for the solitary

Paganism is an old path, and the old gods have been reverenced for, well, a long time. But in a largely book driven monotheist culture, those walking the experiential ways are still disparate, and nowadays as likely to be connected to community through the Internet as in any physical sense. Yes, we have groves and... Continue Reading →

Pulling at Death’s cloaktail

I guess with increasing age comes the inevitable demise of many of the people who shaped ones life, they generally being older to start with. Be it Spike Milligan, Fred Wedlock or your grandparents, they had a part in shaping how you turned out. It's natural to miss them even when, for those cultural icons,... Continue Reading →

Oh, Peter!

Nature is wonderful, cruel and beautiful. And sometimes the 'verse just goes all out to give you a belly laugh you feel guilty about for hours afterwards. We ought always to show respect for animals, even in death and tragedy, but you know if it had been me my shade would still be grinning at... Continue Reading →

Farewell Auntie

Given I'm on the other side of the half century I've been happily blessed not to lose too many friends and relatives, but this morning my Auntie Rosemary journeyed across the divide, well into her eighties. As it happens, when the call came in we were getting ready for what we knew was the final... Continue Reading →

Thought for the Week – Samhain

“Thought for the Day” – for Thursday 29th October And so once again the wheel of the year turns and we are at Samhain - or Halloween if you choose, full of ghosts and ghouls running from house to house in search of tooth decay… Samhain (the word derives from “summers end”) is the Pagan... Continue Reading →

When I die…

One day I'm going to be dead. Not a problem for me (I'll be dead, remember). Perhaps a problem for those left behind. So here are a few gathered thoughts, well at least one as it was the one that called me to write this - perhaps there's an omen... /me checks outside to se... Continue Reading →

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