StopEcocide : Change the Law

I’ve just come back from a talk about ecocide that was kind of a memorial for Stroud-based eco-barrister, Polly Higgins, who recently passed after a very swift battle with an aggressive cancer. As a founder of Mission Lifeforce (now re-branded and re-launched as StopEcocide.Earth) she died even as thousands of Extinction Rebellion folk were taking... Continue Reading →

The Kids Are All Right!

I was in the thick of the Bristol #YouthStrike4Climate March the other day, and thoroughly proud of the kids. They turned out in their hundreds, in weather that didn't really promise much, and shouted and chanted and marched and bloody well protested for some long overdue climate action. As a child of the sixties I remember well... Continue Reading →

September Sunshine

Aren't you bored by this monthly nonsense yet? It's clear solar is a viable domestic proposition, but I suppose you won't be told until I have the entire year mapped out in detail... heh, no, me neither. September turned out to be dry and warm - England had about a fifth of the rain it... Continue Reading →

Gloucestershire Climate March pics

Gloucestershire's Climate March started from the Subscription Rooms in Stroud and marched up to Rodborough Sports Field. Numbers were said to be around 600, although I suspect as ever this figure was gently massaged... nevertheless you can see how long the cortege was as it meandered through the town and up the hill... The scarf... Continue Reading →

Achieving extinction

I was moved today, a couple of days after Earth Day, to read two news articles on the same news web site... They weren't the main news story of the day. That was saved up for crisis talks about that most imaginary of substances, money, and the way in which those whose lives are bound... Continue Reading →

Christmas lights…

Blessings of the Winter Solstice an' all that... Why, though, is it that while we are remonstrated at daily to turn off, not to leave on standby, to reduce reuse recycle... the media are so enamoured of fools with pretty lights all over their homes? Again this evening the local news channel showed a whole... Continue Reading →

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