Arsenal (not the team) part two

Inevitably, I was going to shave the plug end. If you have no idea what I'm waffling on about (join the club) then click here. So, a little judicious filing away of the black plastic and wala... whalla... oua'la... how on earth does one spell voilà!? 😉 I've kept nuclear power stations on the bars with short... Continue Reading →

Arsenal (not the team) part one

So after Kickstarting this little box of tricks what feels like a long time ago, I recently got notification of despatch. This is a first thoughts review of Arsenal: The Intelligent Camera Assistant. The main web site for this is I guess the first thing to note, and a key factor in what might be... Continue Reading →


Sat here packing and repacking the bike ready for Scotland this weekend. Two lovely lined hessian Tespit bag-for-lifes sit one in each leather pannier, holding changes of clothing, towel, wash-kit... sorted. But how about the camera...? Last year I went with a heavy bag full of kit. Canon 5D mkIII plus 11-24 F4, 24-105 F4... Continue Reading →

Mac week one

I must stop telling people "I've gone over to the dark side..." I got a very old fashioned look from the otherwise really helpful and friendly bloke in the Bristol Apple Store yesterday, where I'd gone to pick up the Magic Trackpad I forgot to order with the rest of the kit. lol [note: the... Continue Reading →

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flashgun

Well I guessed about three months ago we were due for a new Canon flash, and wanting to upgrade my old 220EX I held off buying the 580EX II... but the announcement today that the flash is listed at £680 makes me realise I quite like my old flash. I'll wait and see what the... Continue Reading →

Time expired camera?

So, barely two weeks after the expiration of the two year warranty my Canon G7 camera has died; wholly unresponsive despite a fully charged battery. Is there really a chip buried deep inside, counting down the days to the end of the warranty, to initiate total reality failure shortly thereafter? Sigh. EuroHiTech have offered a... Continue Reading →

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