Broadband, finally.

Back in March I revealed how a company called Cotswold Telecom were planning to spread gloops of wifi broadband across the village, and how coincidentally BT had decided it was time to fibre up the place. Well, Cotswold telecom went all quiet, and BT got the┬ácall. This week the results are in; I'm gently chuffed.... Continue Reading →

Billing Ethics

This is all about a very small amount of money, but I presume it's repeated across millions of bills now popping through the door or (in my case) into my in tray. It's the phone bill from British Telecom; that once rare, then indispensable and now somewhat redundant nationalised carrier of chat, rumour and -... Continue Reading →

Trusting BT

It would appear I've fallen prey to a spammers honey-pot. I recently offered to support British Telecom's self-seving campaign to vote up our telephone exchange in the Race to Infinity - an X-Factor stylee competition to get our poorly broadband provision (currently much less than 2MB/s) upgraded. Not only did I vote for my exchange,... Continue Reading →

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