Broadband, finally.

Back in March I revealed how a company called Cotswold Telecom were planning to spread gloops of wifi broadband across the village, and how coincidentally BT had decided it was time to fibre up the place. Well, Cotswold telecom went all quiet, and BT got the┬ácall. This week the results are in; I'm gently chuffed.... Continue Reading →

Killing the Not-Spot

Posted in draft. Updates later. For some time now my village has been suboptimal in terms of Internet access. When I moved here from Bristol in 2001 broadband had yet to make it to domestic premises and I was using an ISDN service with fairly recent memories of dial-up. Having come from pre-Internet BBS access... Continue Reading →

Almost Broadband

Back in 2010, my broadband dropped from about 2Mb/s to about 1MB/s, making most Internet use tedious or impossible. Today, I note, it's back to 2.2Mb/s. Happier times. I wonder if the atrocious weather has damaged from cable joints, the repairing of which has brought the connection back to best practical standard...? Maybe, if we... Continue Reading →

What’s happening Eclipse Internet?

So what's the answer, Eclipse Broadband? I've removed all other devices from the line, rebooted the router and checked the firmware for updates. I've tested at kiddie-time and early in the morning, so it's not contention... Two megs didn't feel very fast when I had it, but you have to accept some limitations when you're... Continue Reading →

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