People’s Vote march London

It was a hint of the extraordinary day to come that we arrived in London to join the million plus (current estimates) othersĀ calling for a people's voteĀ - or more often a complete revocation of Article 50 - only to find that we had randomly stood smack bang next to the chair of the greenway action... Continue Reading →

Lammas tide

So here we are at Lammas, or Lughnasadh if you like... 1st August and the first of the three pagan harvest festivals. Only the weather has been a tad chaotic recently and in many ways it doesn't feel this is the moment. That's the trouble with the otherwise fabulously convenient six weekly pagan festivals, it... Continue Reading →

Simple Question

I don't get a lot of interaction on this blog, which is generally fine - it's just me rabbiting on. But today I'd like to see if I can get some comments. I was chatting with someone the other morning and we agreed that we could not think of one good reason, beyond the obvious... Continue Reading →

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