in 2022 and with the covid-19 lockdown generally cxoming to an end, I realised I needed more exercise than the gentle walks around Charfield were providing. At the same tie I was becoming less willing to use petrol and diesel simply ‘for fun’. There is no future I can envisage when I don’t get a grin out of riding Morrigan, but as the summer went golden, in came Ruby. Ruby is an e-bike, but I don’t intend to use much battery except for on those dreadfully steep Gloucestershire hills, or in heavy headwinds, or when I’m very hung over, or… ok.

Recent shots of my other, other girlfriend.

By the Purton Hulks in Gloucestershire. The hulks are beached river barges, some of wood and some as here of concrete. They were deliberately run agroud to reinforce the land division between the fast flowing River Severn and the Sharpness Ship Canal (right of shot). They form the largest ships’ graveyard in Britain.
Beneath the remaining bridge supports of the old Severn Railway Bridge, into which two river barges collided in 1960, collapsing and eventually causing the decommisioning of the bridge. Behind Ruby there is a model of one of the twenty one wrought iron spans.
In Michaelwood, behind the eponymous motorway services…

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