Generating News

The media is full of Brexit, but behind that in the "other news" is the long anticipated release that Hitachi are pulling out of the Wylfa nuclear build. This follows the news that Toshiba were also stepping back from nuclear, and of course the long running fiasco that is Hinkley C. Nearly all our nuclear... Continue Reading →

That 10 year challenge thing

There's a thing going around on social media called the ten year challenge - post a picture of yourself now and ten years ago. The idea being to highlight how young you still look, or how much weight you've lost, or perhaps how the years have fallen upon you with malice aforethought... It's probably designed... Continue Reading →

Time for change

At last night's Parish Council budget meeting, someone asked the question I'd rather been putting off and tipped the domino over. "Please will you reconsider and say you'll stay on as Chairman?" And the answer was, of course, not in the positive. But hey, the cat's out of the bag. And since I had an... Continue Reading →

Solstice on the (Cotswold) edge

Up bright and early, well ok, earlier than that, and into the camper van for a short drive up to Coaley Peak. Only hours before I'd collected Charlotte and Rory from Temple Meads railway station. (Happily, despite the drone warfare at Gatwick Airport and the suspected terrorists at Stuttgart Airport they made it back from... Continue Reading →

Blessings and Bloodies

Solstice approaches. The darkness is full, and with a little bit of luck and some funky early morning dancing, the Sun will be reborn unto us. As indeed it always is; it's science after all, not magic. The magic is in what you do with the year that comes with new light. It's going to... Continue Reading →

One Morning’s Musings

Eyes closed, and coffee in hand; hot and steamy, full of the smell of roasted beans. It adds a special buzz to the morning as I stand, Leaning against the camper van on the drive. Facing the winter Sun. Low in the sky, but yet powerful. Golden and yellow; the sky too bright to see.... Continue Reading →

Arsenal (not the team) Pt 3

I can see, amongst the barely noticed pages of my irregular blog, that there's been a fair bit of interest in my articles on the Arsenal AI camera add-on. Ok, so it's probably time to admit how little I'm using it, but how useful it is being when I do. To recap, the Arsenal was... Continue Reading →

Remembering Roy

Music binds us together; always has, from the beat of the drum around the tribal fire to the choral symphony to the simple pop tune. When a part of that binding slips away it's tough to reconcile. Last night I was raising a glass and listening to Roy Bailey, who departed into mystery yesterday afternoon.... Continue Reading →

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