Solar Export Meter

On this page you can see the actual meter readings, and the calculated payments due. Time has proven the calculations are fairly in line with payments, although somehow we seem a hundred and fifty quid or so down on the calculations… or perhaps I missed a cheque. That does seem more likely somehow.

Although the cost of the solar roof (£6000) and the solar diverter (£256) has yet to be paid in cash, the meter readings belie the savings we have had on actual consumption due to the use of solar electricity rather than imported. Overall, we’ve had our money back and more, particularly because of the gas boiler fuel savings from the solar diverter.

FIT or Feed-In Tariff, comprises two payments and those are locked into an RPI scale and set at the time of commissioning. Sadly, you are currently not able to secure these FIT rates as a new installation, since the government is no longer interested in domestic renewable power.

The £(Gen+Exp) is the presumed payment for the month, according to the existing regulations. There is a FiT (feed in tariff) Generation payment of 14.9p *17.61p for every unit (kWh) of electricity generated, and also an export payment of 4.64p *5.5p per unit for 50% of the electricity generated, assuming you use half of it yourself. Makes sense, of course, to use as much of it as you can…

  • * FIT payments as from April 2020

Total cash to date (*August 2020) = £4448.96

Meter photographed for SSE at *23111 13th July
Meter reading given to SSE 9th October, 24121.

Month endMeter ReadingkWh Generated£(Gen+Exp)£ cumulative
December 20192080561£12.15£3860.15
January 20202087267£13.35£3873.50
February 202021042170£33.86£3907.36
March 202021333291£57.97£3965.33
April 202021830497£101.19£4066.52
May 202022432602£122.57£4189.09
June 202022921489£99.56£4288.65
July 202023405484£98.54£4387.19
August 202023779374£76.15£4463.34
Septembr 202024121342£69.63£4534.97
October 2020££
November 2020££
December 2020££
Month endMeter ReadingkWh Generated£(Gen+Exp)£ cumulative
December 2018 17367 57£11.06£3177.91
January 20191744174£14.36£3192.27
February 201917611170£32.98£3225.25
March 201917868257£49.86£3275.11
April 201918277409£81.47£3365.58
May 201918740463£92.23£3448.81
June 201919170430£85.66£3534.47
July 201919673503£100.20£3634.67
August 201920139466£92.82£3727.49
Septembr 201920486347£69.12£3796.61
October 201920655169£33.66£3830.27
November 20192074489£17.73£3848.00
December 20192080561£12.15£3860.15
Month endMeter ReadingkWh Generated£(Gen+Exp)£ cumulative
December 2017 13881 0063£11.74£2501.21
January 2018 13958 0077£14.35£2515.56
February 2018 14146 0188£35.03£2550.59
March 2018 14349 0203£37.83£2588.42
April 2018 14649 300£58.20£2646.62
May 2018 15157 508£98.55£2745.17
June 2018 15782625£121.25£2866.42
July 2018 16296514£95.78£2962.20
August 2018 16704408£76.03£3038.23
Septembr 2018 16969265£51.41£3089.64
October 2018 17211242£46.95£3136.59
November 2018 1731099£19.20£3155.79
December 2018 1736757£11.06£3166.85
Month endMeter ReadingkWh Generated£(Gen+Exp)£ cumulative
December 2016105440079£14.37£1883.29
January 2017106100066£12.00£1895.29
February 2017107300120£21.82£1917.11
March 2017109870256£46.55£1963.66
April 2017114020416£77.52£2041.18
May 2017118670465£86.65£2126.83
June 2017123600493£91.87£2218.70
July 2017128420482£89.82£2308.52
August 2017132520410£76.40£2384.92
Septembr 2017135890337£62.80£2446.80
October 2017137140125£23.29£2470.09
November 2017138180104£19.38£2489.47
December 2017138810063£11.74£2501.21
Month endMeter ReadingkWh Generated£(Gen+Exp)£ cumulative
December 201571180045£08.08£1260.82
January 201671960078£14.01£1274.83
February 201673680172£30.90£1305.73
March 201676160248£45.10£1350.83
April 201680150399£72.56£1423.39
May 201685050490£89.11£1512.50
June 201689500445£80.92£1593.42
July 201694460496£90.20£1683.62
August 201698810435£79.10£1762.82
Septembr 2016101570276£50.19£1812.91
October 2016103620205£37.28£1850.19
November 2016104650103£18.73£1868.92
December 2016105440079£14.37£1883.29
Month endMeter ReadingkWh Generated£(Gen+Exp)£ cumulative
December 201435520075£13.39£621.60
January 201536410089£15.74£637.34
February 201537770136£24.05£661.39
March 201540520275£48.64£710.03
April 201545300478£85.87£795.90
May 201550300500£89.83£885.73
June 201556070577£103.65£989.38
July 201561290522£93.77£1083.15
August 201564790350£62.88£1146.03
Septembr 201568390360£64.67£1210.70
October 201570100171£30.72£1241.42
November 201570730063£11.32£1252.74
December 201571180045£08.08£1260.82
Month endMeter ReadingkWh Generated£(Gen+Exp)£ cumulative
December 20130066.150067£11.53£11.53
January 20140138.520072£12.39£23.92
February 20140285.140147£25.31£49.23
March 20140577.480292£50.28£99.51
April 20140928.800351£60.44£159.95
May 20141382.750441£77.99£237.94
June 20141921.640539£95.32£333.26
July 20142471.080549£97.17£430.43
August 20142866.830396£69.99£500.42
Septembr 20143206.820340£60.13£560.55
October 20143379.820173£30.60£591.15
November 20143476.270096£17.06£608.21
December 201435520075£13.39£621.60

Pre-Solar Electricity Consumption averaged 2009-2013 at 6,500 kWh per annum
Post Solar Electricity Consumption averaged 2014-2018 at 4,300 kWh per annum

It’s important to note that the “£ cumulative” is solely the earned cash return from the generation. Savings on fuel bills are extra and potentially at least equal to the FIT. Gas use has reduced in the summer months because the overflow generation is pushed into the immersion tank, while electricity consumption obviously reduces in line with generated power used on site.

For ease of estimation, I would double the FIT and take that as the payback on the solar installation investment. Therefore it is likely this investment was paid off by end of year four, and the subsequent sixteen years of the FIT contract are clear profit.

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