Our Solar Installation

panelsI finally placed the order for solar in autumn 2013, and they were fitted in December that year. It wasn’t something I did lightly… the six grand or so outlay could as easily pay our energy bills for a number of years. Still, it isn’t easy being green, an’ all that.

I used a company called Solar PV Energy, and I’m happy to say they were fine. The installation went well, nothing has gone wrong, and the only problem we had was a rattle in very high winds from one direction – a rare albeit slightly annoying issue that was quickly fixed in one contractors revisit.

I subsequently added a solar diverter to the installation, which pushes spare power into our hot water immersion tank, with additional and significant savings on fuel bills. That cost me £250 and I fitted it myself. The practical upshot of that is that we switched off the afternoon call on the boiler because the water was piping hot from the Sun! Often in the summer the morning call on the boiler is cancelled because the water is still hot enough from yesterday afternoon’s power.

The whole project payback is evidenced on this site through blog posts and information pages. Mainly, I keep being asked if it’s worthwhile, and I can only say YES! so many times before my voice gives out. I believe this installation will be paid for in full in six years, and the payments are guaranteed for twenty… what’s not to like?

You can read the solar blog, or see the actual meter readings and FIT payments, by selecting the drop down menu at top right of the page.

Edit: Of course, the government has turned its face from domestic renewables, and culled the FIT to the point this project would potentially be unfeasible now (2019). But I’ve started so I’ll finish… someone once said that.

Edit2: Mind you times move on, and now (2022) my neighbours are installing solar roofs greater thn 4kWp and feeding on site storage batteries. FIT might be gone, but in these times of escalating energy prices the household battery might be a feasible retrofit… even on a ten year old solar array. Hmm…

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