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[message type=”custom” start_color=”#aaaaaa” end_color=”#777777″ border=”#444444″ color=”#111111″]An integral part of my Druidry, and yet perhaps distinct from my expression of a personal Druidry…

I am a Trustee of The Druid Network, a primarily online organisation providing information to and networking for those who follow or are interested in Druid spirituality. (for the record and unlike many charities, none of the TDN trustees or other volunteers are paid, and we even pay our own membership subs – just so you know)

Based on the Internet, the Network seeks to bring Druids together both online through its message boards and in face-to-face meetings. TDN also hosts more than a thousand pages of articles on Druid practice, history and understanding. There are online courses in Druidry written by Members of the Network, as well as links to correspondence courses and direct tuition.

In 2010 The Druid Network was recognised as a public benefit organisation and granted charitable status (registered as a charity in England and Wales, charity number 1138265), the first Druid and pagan organisation to have been so registered under the 2006 Charity Act.

In 2014 The Druid Network was granted membership of the Inter Faith Network, along with the Pagan Federation. All this and more is laid out in detail on the web site, which is where you can also find the Constitution – the preface of which clearly describes our intention.[/message]

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