Portfolio: Birds

Birds in flight, birds on branches, birds in nests… birds.

Lapwing (Punk is still not dead)
Water Rail
Watchful Starlings
Male Kingfisher
Water Rail (other shots here: https://rosher.net/2023/01/05/water-rail/)
Female house sparrow perched in holly tree
Sparrow in silhouette, perched in Bamboo on a foggy sunrise morning
Blackbird feasting on Pyracanthas berries

Rare in the UK, a Caspian Tern amidst a group of Snipe
Sadly now rare in the UK, a Turtle Dove… but no Pear Tree
Golden Hour Pigeon

Click on any photograph to bring up the gallery, then navigate through using the arrows. All pictures are mine, are reduced resolution and are covered by copyright. Full resolution print sales, and commercial use can be agreed.


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