A Small Photography Portfolio

Photography is painting with light. It’s telling a story without words.

I find my day now is incomplete without a visual recording of some aspect of it, and when I am old and decrepit (not long now perhaps) I shall remember every single day that has a photographic record of some part of it.

I moved to Sony in 2019, after many years of faithful Canon loyalty. Some of my pictures will be from some version of iPhone too, since the best camera there is is the one you have with you.

I photograph for pleasure, and rarely shoot to order and more rarely sell prints. I am approachable though if you want a print, mounted or framed.

You can contact me here.

Mono Images
Gigs and Musicians
Personal and holiday

I have a journal at Blipfoto and a soon to reduce archive at Flickr. Ask me for the links.

All the pictures in this portfolio are reduced in resolution from the originals, and are my own work. It would be greatly appreciated if you did not simply copy them, but instead contacted me for permission or, if appropriate, commercial rates, and obtained the full resolution images. But hey, if you nick the smaller versions, how about a link back at the very least?

I’ve found the printed manuals for my camera and flash kit to be printed in dreadfully small text and almost impossible to read. Here, then, for me but possibly for you too, are versions you can scale up.