All my public photography is now hosted in two sites, neither of which is this one.

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I take a photograph a day, and upload it to Blipfoto. I’ve been doing this since the start of 2015 and it’s become a little compulsive. It’s probably improved my photography somewhat and it’s certainly become my de-facto journal, in many ways replacing this blog.

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I also keep a Flickr account, where some of my more reasonable efforts are presented to the critical world. I joined Flickr in 2006, but I’ve only really been using the site since 2015.

I shoot with Canon equipment (when it’s not with an iPhone!), and my current bag is filled with Canon 5D mkIII and 7D bodies and a couple of compacts. My lens store isn’t spoken about in polite society, in case Janet notices and  starts pricing it up.

All my public facing photography is my property, and while I am not practically able to stop people from nicking it I’d be very happy if none of it was used for commercial purposes without some initial contact and honourable negotiation. Full resolution low compression .jpg images are available on commercial terms. Also, any portraiture I do of persons identified or otherwise are copyright me and not to be shared for any other use without informed consent. I think that’s fair, don’t you?

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