You clicked that link? Really? Well done, you. You are clearly a person of fine taste and willing to pay no heed to the rumours of chaos and insanity spread on the lips of the bitter and envious moral majority.

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So welcome. In no more than twenty thousand words, here’s a brief précis of Mark Rosher. Pronouns he/him. Exploring the opportunities of very late middle age, and enjoying a frantically busy life of idle happiness with the lovely Janet, I’m content with my lot. Life is good.

I’ve been let off paid work, yet I still hate to be bored. I’m Chairman of Charfield Parish Council, working as a local councillor since 2007 to improve the life of my community in the face of ever more government enforced cutbacks and unsustainable developments.  (Yes, quaint it may be but in Council-speak Chairman is correct, even if the Chairman is a she/her). I’m also a trustee of The Druid Network, a charity in England and Wales (1138265) and a full member of the Interfaith Network for the UK, with members across the world, and the remit to inform, inspire and facilitate Druidry as a spiritual path. After attending for twenty years I’ve now become one of the committee behind the Druid Camp Association, and I’m a funding trustee for Mission Lifeforce, now StopEcocide.Earth. In 2015 I took early retirement from National Grid where I’d spent a few decades as a professional electrical engineer, specialising in telecoms and SCADA.

I ride a thumping great British motorcycle and also a bright red electric bike, walk miles in the countryside around here, often with a camera, play immense instrumental solos to an audience of none, write dreadful 575 Haiku, and go camping with Janet in our venerable veedub. It’s a 27yo T4 but not a splittie; that does however mean we spend more time travelling and less time on the hard shoulder… And I’m a 4yo granddad! Not bored! 🙂

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