That 10 year challenge thing

There's a thing going around on social media called the ten year challenge - post a picture of yourself now and ten years ago. The idea being to highlight how young you still look, or how much weight you've lost, or perhaps how the years have fallen upon you with malice aforethought... It's probably designed... Continue Reading →

Blessings and Bloodies

Solstice approaches. The darkness is full, and with a little bit of luck and some funky early morning dancing, the Sun will be reborn unto us. As indeed it always is; it's science after all, not magic. The magic is in what you do with the year that comes with new light. It's going to... Continue Reading →

Unsocial Media

There's something unsociable about social media that doesn't want to share... Just had an email from WordPress to tell me that Facebook will be shutting off the sharing function from WordPress to Facebook, which I use to share my blog posts on the Facebook profile. It's possible that will impact my account at Blipfoto too,... Continue Reading →

European Health Insurance Card

One of those things you don't really think about, until you start to wonder if post-Brexit we will all need to take out additional medical insurance... The European Health Insurance Card or EHIC replaced the old E111 (but who knew?), and it was only when we nipped off to France earlier this summer that I... Continue Reading →

Looking back, gazing ahead

So here we go... 2016 beckons. Of course, almost nobody is going to do what nearly everyone used to do, and write the wrong year on the next cheque they write - mainly because hardly anyone writes cheques any more! But as the old calendars are taken down and the new ones put up, and... Continue Reading →

Video Gaming

I read the other day that Pong, Tetris and Doom had been inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame; something apparently invented by an American museum of playthings. The news story asked for other nominations for significant video games, and I couldn't help but email tham and mention my own tiny piece of... Continue Reading →

Kings and Comets

In days of myth and legend the births, deaths and marriages of Kings and Princes were presaged by comets. Today, on¬†International Happiness Day¬†and Vernal Equinox there's an Eclipse of our Sun by a Supermoon, and the Substation Druid makes his workplace farewells in the local hostelry. Today, more than any other day leading up to... Continue Reading →

Pulling at Death’s cloaktail

I guess with increasing age comes the inevitable demise of many of the people who shaped ones life, they generally being older to start with. Be it Spike Milligan, Fred Wedlock or your grandparents, they had a part in shaping how you turned out. It's natural to miss them even when, for those cultural icons,... Continue Reading →

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