Not only am I a grumpy bugger, I'm an unapologetic grumpy bugger, and I can't avoid a grump when I see boxes of wasted food. Yes, it's pumpkin time again. As a pagan, of course, I'm more than open to the time of year. Samhain is a wonderfully inspiring point on the annual race around... Continue Reading →

Thoughts for your thought

I like Thought for the Day (TFTD) on Radio 4's Today programme. It's an odd 'British' kind of thing, where a select few folk from a select few faith communities waffle for five minutes about something or nothing in particular; usually with a religious twist depending on their personal spiritual allegiance. I'd be very happy... Continue Reading →

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice. Solstice... The rise and fall of the noonday Sun appears to stop, low in the sky, for about three days. It's a time of darkness, of cold, of wrapping up warm. In ages past it was a time of total reliance on the food, stored away during the autumn harvests. Get that wrong and... Continue Reading →

Thought for the Week – Imbolc

Thought for the Week – Imbolc You must be noticing it by now, the lengthening of daylight as the Sun, reborn at Solstice, begins to fulfil his promise and calls upon the living world to wake once more from its winter sleep. We stand midpoint between the Yule and the Spring Equinox – the middle... Continue Reading →

Thought for the Week – Beltane

Celebrating Beltane A little time back, thousands of folk in the UK including me roared out in opposition to the mass sell-off of public woodland and forestry. The government heard and for once acted on public pressure, and currently the Forestry Commission’s role as holder of our forest estate continues. There is another roar of... Continue Reading →

Thought for the Week – Yule

Well, another one writ, and with a small plug for the TDN and CC result... In the pagan year there is a kind of resting space between Samhain and Yule. From honouring memories of our ancestors at Samhain, we join in Remembrance of our honoured dead, and into a world itself seemingly dying. Leaves fall,... Continue Reading →

Thought for the Week – Summer Solstice

Thought for the Week – for Thursday 10th June “But being a Druid is just about rave parties at Stonehenge, wacky baccy and free sex, isn’t it?” I sigh, as the same old question comes from the mouth of an otherwise well educated and culturally tolerant work colleague. I sympathise with my Muslim friend, jokingly... Continue Reading →

Thought for the Week – Samhain

“Thought for the Day” – for Thursday 29th October And so once again the wheel of the year turns and we are at Samhain - or Halloween if you choose, full of ghosts and ghouls running from house to house in search of tooth decay… Samhain (the word derives from “summers end”) is the Pagan... Continue Reading →

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