I’m not a Tory but

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Ok, I’m far too cynical to accept everything I hear without question, but the words, the words… reflect absolutely how I feel about the way ‘our’ government has gone over the last decade or two – back even into the last Tory stint. Perhaps, on planet bish somewhere in fantasy land, there are honourable MP’s and ethical governments… we can all dream. Ready? Click those heels together…

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DNA database, a paranoid wibble

It all sounds so logical, doesn’t it? A national DNA database, into which the DNA record of every person living in, visiting or passing through the UK is stored. A foolproof means of detecting the identity of anyone at any time at any scene, and a perfect way of catching criminals. How could that be wrong? The same with CCTV surveillance; if you’re not doing anything wrong why worry that your every move is monitored? Loyalty cards? Credit cards? Bus passes? How many ways are we tracked already as we wend our way through this modern life? The National ID card and electronically enabled passports have a few folk up in arms, but many other folk seem to think they’ll be of value in the almost brand-named and impossible to win ‘war on terror’. And implanted-at-birth RFI chips… they’re bound to be great too, aren’t they? Imagine not having to carry those cards, passports, or even car and house keys, if your very presence was all it took to validate an identity, a purchase or a door entry. Continue reading “DNA database, a paranoid wibble”