In the money ;-)

So the seed has grown and the harvest comes... a bit. I've just received the first cheque from SSE for the electricity generated by the solar roof. Back in Note to Self  I mentioned I had sent off the meter reading, and now the first payment has been received. And it's nearly what I estimated. Yes,... Continue Reading →

Solar Diary June 2014

Well, the month wasn't quite the hot, hot month we were hoping for. It was hot, true enough, but it was also cloudy and humid, and occasionally very wet. Clouds don't let the sunshine through, you know... I was a little sad not to break my 25 kWh innaday cherry. So as the graph shows,... Continue Reading →

Solar Gen May ’14

If you divide the calendar into quarters, one can say that Summer has just begun. And Spring has ended. So, according to the BBC (that bastion of truth and unbiased reporting), Spring 2014 was the third hottest on record. Hot does not however equate to sunny, and although the generation is up on last month, it's not... Continue Reading →

Note to self, Solar Diary

I've just sent off the first meter reading to my FiT operator. My commissioning reading was 00003 The meter reading this morning 01091 Total reportable generation 1.088 MWh According to my FiT Contract with SSE, Generation Tariff = 15.3p/kWh and Export Tariff = 4.77p/kWh Presumed Gen'n Pay't 1088 x 15.3p = £166.46 Presumed Export Pay't 1088... Continue Reading →

Solar Gen April ’14

Hael Beltane! Hael Sol. Sumer is i-comin' in, and all that. Please can you stop raining? Here's another rambling waffle-burger from solar central. Are you bored yet? I'd been wondering on and off precisely when I'd get any form of acknowledgement from SSE about my FiT Application. Back in December they told me 12 - 15... Continue Reading →

Solar Gen March ’14

At last, when it's not been positively cold and wet it's been rather splendid. You can see the variety of awfulness and splendidosity in the graph below... up and down like the proverbial 'ores drawers! Daffodils have replaced crocus, dandelions are replacing daffs... buds are beginning to firm up ready for bursting out all over,... Continue Reading →

Solar Gen February ’14

So wet and windy January transformed magically into wet and windy February... Fence panels were replaced, other panels fell down... the vibration coming from the solar panels during high winds haven't gone away and the installer is at least answering emails. Eyes down for the anorak report. Honestly, you'd think the sort of bloke who... Continue Reading →

Solar Grin 2

Ok, second full month - mostly filled with dreary grey skies and intermittent but torrential rain... can't expect too much. But January 2014ce has at least improved, if only slightly, on December 2013ce. Last month we collected 67 kWh of solar energy. This month it is 72kWh You can see in the first week of... Continue Reading →

Solar Grin 1

I don't think I've ever been actually glad to see a year come to an end before. Still, has to be a first time eh? Onward to 2014. So, the news everyone is panting for... you are panting, aren't you? How munificent has Sol Invictii been? It's been a stormy end to the year. Cold... Continue Reading →

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