Soaking the Solar

Spring comes and with it the onset of solar generation... But the panels have been up more than three years now and it shows. Today, they got a quick pre-summer wash down by a man in a van with a tank full of specially clever water and a long brush. I noticed his advert on... Continue Reading →

Checking the costs

Just had the six monthly gas and electricity bills in, and it's an opportunity to compare usage now with pre-solar. Back in 2013, I calculated our consumption as 6300kWh for electricity and 15000kWh for gas. In 2013 that equated to about £1600 per annum in total. With these bills I am shown that we are still... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Year

So, we're here at last. One year (and, if I'm being pedantic, a little bit) since we had the solar panels fitted to the west-facing roof of our house in Charfield, in the west of England. The roof was actually fitted at the start of December 2013, but I don't think I'm going to worry... Continue Reading →

A little bit of Solar

Solar, like wind, is never going to provide all the power we are used to. We need the other generation if we are to continue the path of insatiable demand.  It would be fair to suggest the current government, like the previous one, has largely failed to establish a sustainable energy policy.  Perhaps in part... Continue Reading →

Samhain Sunshine

And so we come to Samhain (Or Halloween if you're into pumpkin soup and doorknockers...) A time of reflection on the year now ending (ending if you're following a nature path like paganism, Druidry etc... otherwise, well, back to spooky wooo.) Folk say the veil between the worlds is thinner at this time, although I've never found... Continue Reading →

September Sunshine

Aren't you bored by this monthly nonsense yet? It's clear solar is a viable domestic proposition, but I suppose you won't be told until I have the entire year mapped out in detail... heh, no, me neither. September turned out to be dry and warm - England had about a fifth of the rain it... Continue Reading →

Solar Forage, August 14

The forage frenzy continues unabated! As the summer moves inexorably toward equinox and the birth of autumn, the newly purchased (solar powered) freezer is full of cooking apples, raspberries, blackberries and pretty much anything that can be frozen for laters... There are runner beans and broad beans and sliced and diced courgettes in the other... Continue Reading →

Solar July ’14 and other news

High Summer (but only just). The figures this month beat those of June, by a handful of units. The solar roof managed 549 kWh in July. Even as life-plans seek a slowing down, life speeds up. The roller coaster ride goes on. Janet officially finishes work at the end of August - the end of the... Continue Reading →

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