Leave only footprints…

I came away from Druid Camp knowing the site was in use again the following week for Super Spirit. As we left, we made sure we left the site in good order. That's a part of finding relationship with a place. Now that Super Spirit too has ended, I've come across a photograph of the... Continue Reading →

Bellway Homes in Charfield

If you've been reading anything from me recently you'll know my village of Charfield has been selected as sacrificial dumping ground - sorry, a strategic development location - for another 1200 homes. And you'll know I feel strongly that this cannot be made a sustainable choice because of the road network in the area being... Continue Reading →

Druidry during the Madness

There's a thread on The Druid Network's members' message board "social_dot" which asks how Druids should react, should behave, should respond to Brexit, Trump, xenophobia and other world issues. I'm afraid my fingers hit the keyboard and I couldn't stop them. And then it felt worth pushing it out from behind the safety net of a... Continue Reading →

Not a party animal

I'm not good with political parties. I think I'm fairly politically aware and I think I'm wakeful of the issues with a pragmatic viewpoint. Possibly because of this I don't do well with actually political parties. For years I refused to engage beyond the matter of voting, which I have always believed is a social responsibility... Continue Reading →

Where do we go from here…

A short anecdote from a grumpy old man. This evening as we walked around the village we came upon a couple of kids, perhaps twelve years old, chucking an opened drinks can between each other. They laughed as they showered each other with sticky mess, and we were quite glad to be on the other... Continue Reading →

Council Madness

It's not easy being a Councillor and sometimes we get it wrong. There've been some recent examples where, in my personal opinion, inappropriate decisions have been made. Remember earlier this year, a parish council near me became the first in the world to assert a charge for a Park Run being held on their playing... Continue Reading →

Virgin is screwed.

Back in February Janet and I went off to Milan for a week, and before I left I made sure I set all my iPhone and VirginMobile settings for global roaming. On arrival I texted an order for local broadband, and got a text back saying I was all good to go. It wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

The dangers of safety

This is a continuance of a previous blog entry, which I wrote on encountering Toby Bollards for the first time. Do read the initial post to get the full... impact... of this one. This post consists mostly of three photographs, which speak quite clearly for themselves. They were taken soon after the incident on Clarence Road in Bristol,... Continue Reading →

Living with madness

A provocative title - and possibly a trigger phrase for some, for which I apologise - but that's what we seem to be doing in the UK. Ruled by an elite which is so totally disconnected with those it presumes to govern that it doesn't even try to cover up the ridiculous, aberrant, contradictory and... Continue Reading →

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