Arsenal (not the team) Pt 3

I can see, amongst the barely noticed pages of my irregular blog, that there's been a fair bit of interest in my articles on the Arsenal AI camera add-on. Ok, so it's probably time to admit how little I'm using it, but how useful it is being when I do. To recap, the Arsenal was... Continue Reading →

Arsenal (not the team) part two

Inevitably, I was going to shave the plug end. If you have no idea what I'm waffling on about (join the club) then click here. So, a little judicious filing away of the black plastic and wala... whalla... oua'la... how on earth does one spell voilà!? 😉 I've kept nuclear power stations on the bars with short... Continue Reading →

Arsenal (not the team) part one

So after Kickstarting this little box of tricks what feels like a long time ago, I recently got notification of despatch. This is a first thoughts review of Arsenal: The Intelligent Camera Assistant. The main web site for this is I guess the first thing to note, and a key factor in what might be... Continue Reading →


Sat here packing and repacking the bike ready for Scotland this weekend. Two lovely lined hessian Tespit bag-for-lifes sit one in each leather pannier, holding changes of clothing, towel, wash-kit... sorted. But how about the camera...? Last year I went with a heavy bag full of kit. Canon 5D mkIII plus 11-24 F4, 24-105 F4... Continue Reading →

Two Years, Two Thousand Pics

Mad as it seems, I've been uploading a picture every day for the past two plus years, to Blipfoto. Additional to that I've also been throwing most of the keepers up to Flickr, and that account now has more than two thousand photo's in it! Some of them aren't all that bad... or are they?... Continue Reading →


In case you're at all interested, I have begun uploading a photo a day to Polaroid PhotoBlip. It's an attempt to encourage my photography, which has kind of slipped into iPhone snappage recently and I want to get back to the Canon dSLR. Mind, if you look, half my uploads are currently iPhone pictures... Critics welcome,... Continue Reading →


Ok, so it's all about celebrating failure (or of course, success in foiling the damnable plot), and it's a frightful waste of money and a source of pollution, and oh so lovely... irresistible to the camera, and one day I'll get it right. In the meantime, here are some firework pretties from this evening at... Continue Reading →

Seeking Balance

There's something meditative in stacking rocks. On the Autumnal Equinox at Freshwater West, near Pembroke, I spent a happy couple of hours after work seeking the balance of the rocks at the balance of the year... The beach at Freshwater West is sandy and in the summer full of surfer dudes. The northern end is layer after layer... Continue Reading →

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