Anyone would think…

...there was an election in the offing. And there is, and I don't mean the one that's ever more likely regarding the incompeten... I mean incumbent in Drowning Street. Managing a message board is never easy. I've been online since before the Internet and often spent all night chatting in various bulletin boards, long before... Continue Reading →

Charfield Burial Ground

  I was working up at the burial ground the other day. Charfield's burial ground, which opened spring equinox 2012, is potentially the thing I'm most proud of as a parish councillor. It was the need for a new burial ground in the village that first called me to volunteer with the Council, back in... Continue Reading →

Designing Roads…

I'm not a civil engineer nor a highways engineer, but I'm sat in the middle of a village where we're probably due to double in size in the next decade, and the main and only through road is historically narrow and crossed by a railway line with a blind bended hump backed bridge. Traffic is... Continue Reading →

Building on Charfield

There was a South Gloucestershire Council event in Charfield Memorial Hall on Tuesday 10th April, to discuss the future of our village. The invitation - for it was an invite only event - was clear; “As a stakeholder or local group representative, we would like to invite you to participate in a workshop session relating... Continue Reading →

Bellway Homes in Charfield

If you've been reading anything from me recently you'll know my village of Charfield has been selected as sacrificial dumping ground - sorry, a strategic development location - for another 1200 homes. And you'll know I feel strongly that this cannot be made a sustainable choice because of the road network in the area being... Continue Reading →

Now we are five…

Spring equinox returns, as it invariably does, and I take my customary stroll around the village. Nothing changes, and in the distance I can hear the limestone quarry as it expands toward us. Nothing changes, and the newest of the unsustainable new housing estates is pouring more concrete onto the green fields. Nothing changes, and... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Barratt Homes

Open letter to Barratt Homes following the community event of 29th November. Sirs As a resident of Newtown in Charfield I am not unaware of the disingenuous way in which you have avoided showing Newtown on your plans for the land at Warner’s Court. To clarify for you, I have superimposed your sketch onto a... Continue Reading →

Looking back, gazing ahead

So here we go... 2016 beckons. Of course, almost nobody is going to do what nearly everyone used to do, and write the wrong year on the next cheque they write - mainly because hardly anyone writes cheques any more! But as the old calendars are taken down and the new ones put up, and... Continue Reading →

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