Living with madness

A provocative title - and possibly a trigger phrase for some, for which I apologise - but that's what we seem to be doing in the UK. Ruled by an elite which is so totally disconnected with those it presumes to govern that it doesn't even try to cover up the ridiculous, aberrant, contradictory and... Continue Reading →


You never know how the day is going to turn out. In between showers, Miss and I take the opportunity to go for a walk around the village, as you do. Less than quarter of a mile into the walk we smile a "good afternoon" at a lady coming towards us (we still smile and... Continue Reading →

Chicken (on the) Run

Ok, so at this time of year there's not a lot to harvest from the fruit bed, a few mostly green strawberries and the odd raspberry hanging on into autumn... but somehow the girls found opportunity to have a go. Must keep that gate closed, eh.

The Cave of Wonder

I don't know who was the more surprised, me or the mouse. Can you imagine how he felt, finding himself in such largess? I would never have imagined he could get in... the feed bin is a normal plastic bin, the lid of which is kept on except for when we're actually refilling the chicken... Continue Reading →

Development Opportunity

Or demolition opportunity, really. After nearly ten years of mostly immobile service, the mobile chicken coop has given up the ghost. It was expected. And earlier today while pulling up stinging nettles I attempted to lower the undercarriage and wheel the coop out of the way... and the base collapsed. So, it stays where it... Continue Reading →

Killing Cock Robin

Back in 2004, at about this time of year, there was a small killing spree at a garden centre down the road from me that even made national news. In creating a new and fancier eatery in a refurbished outlet, Wyevale decided the rather friendly robins, who had taken to sharing the crumbs that were... Continue Reading →

Chicken Diary Again

Came back from a lovely 10km walk around the locale to find one of the chooks lying literally feet up at the foot of the coop ladder. Perhaps the end had come as the morning Sun called her out, perhaps the ridiculously mischievous winds we've had this past 24hrs blew her unsteady feet from under her.... Continue Reading →

Dog Pinch Collars

An open letter to my MP, Professor Steve Webb. Hi Steve Not a petition this time, just a plain ol’ constituent’s letter. 🙂 I’m not a ‘doggie’ person. In fact beyond the fish tank in the dining room and the chickens in the garden I’ve not a lot of time for animals as such. Nevertheless,... Continue Reading →


Found this fellow, a small tortoiseshell, on our landing this morning. No idea how he got in or when, and perhaps he pupated in a dark corner unnoticed. But he was nearly gone... unable to do much at all. Well, there's little enough pollen and nectar in our house at this time of the year.... Continue Reading →

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