Remembering Roy

Music binds us together; always has, from the beat of the drum around the tribal fire to the choral symphony to the simple pop tune. When a part of that binding slips away it's tough to reconcile. Last night I was raising a glass and listening to Roy Bailey, who departed into mystery yesterday afternoon.... Continue Reading →

Ear Worm

Ear worm. And he's still in there! Wriggling! After four days of motorcycling and two days of Blues I've gone partially deaf! Somewhere along the line, the fitted moulded stereo earplugs I wear for riding, and the Auritech silicone earplugs I wore to the music festival, have compacted some earwax and I'm totally knackered! So... Continue Reading →

Three Cane Whale

Yup. Odd name. No idea, go ask them. First saw them at Priddy Folk Festival and was utterly entranced. Three Cane Whale played last night in the Anglican Mausoleum at the Arno's Vale Cemetery, in Bristol. Now, I lived within a mile of this cemetery for a goodly part of my teenage life and more... Continue Reading →

Cropredy 2013

Having only just got back from France on the Wednesday, and in my case still a little blissed out from Druid Camp, we had decided not to do Fairport's Cropredy Convention this year. But having a spare day and the weather being fine, we decided to take a ride out on Morrigan to see our... Continue Reading →

Photography at Priddy

Here's a story with a happy outcome. The festival season approaches, the camper van is in for her MOT tomorrow and is already waxed and splendidly prepared for weekends of music, drinking and general loveliness. Normally first in line is Priddy Folk Festival (this year beaten into second place by The Seed Festival) and last... Continue Reading →

Preparation; the key to Sucess

And the lack of preparation, well you know how that ends up. After a productive morning's Council work and a nice pre-lunch walk around the villages to fire the appetite I thought it was time to bring Pumpkin out of the garage for the first ride of the year - lovely blue sky and dry... Continue Reading →

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