Triumph Thunderbird Maintenance Stand

This is such a simple game changer I thought I'd write it up for any other 'bird owners still struggling with bike lifts and the like. The Thunderbird is a big girl - about 340kg in comparison with, say, a Bonneville of 230kg. There's no centre stand, probably because you'd need power assist to get... Continue Reading →

Bristol Bike Theft Awareness

An open letter to my MP Luke Hall, on the subject of motorcycle theft, following the meeting of the Bristol Bike Theft Awareness panel at BAWA on Tuesday 30th January 2018. (thumbnail image from Bristol Evening Post) Luke Hall MP 26 High Street, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6AH Dear Luke This past Tuesday I, along with... Continue Reading →

Urban Motorcycling

Most will be aware that we moved out of Bristol in 2001 to the relative countryside of Charfield, in part to escape the increasing traffic problems in the city. That wasn't the only reason, of course, and there were things like better school catchment (which certainly appears to have been a good move, heh) and... Continue Reading →

Ear Worm

Ear worm. And he's still in there! Wriggling! After four days of motorcycling and two days of Blues I've gone partially deaf! Somewhere along the line, the fitted moulded stereo earplugs I wear for riding, and the Auritech silicone earplugs I wore to the music festival, have compacted some earwax and I'm totally knackered! So... Continue Reading →

Distinguished Gentleman?

Just back from today's Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride in Bristol. I was woken in the middle of the night by the noise of a torrential downpour, and when I woke up early in the morning it was still plummeting down. Oh, I thought... well... I've kind of got to do this, because so many lovely kind... Continue Reading →

Council Madness

It's not easy being a Councillor and sometimes we get it wrong. There've been some recent examples where, in my personal opinion, inappropriate decisions have been made. Remember earlier this year, a parish council near me became the first in the world to assert a charge for a Park Run being held on their playing... Continue Reading →

When driving and transport diverge.

Driverless vehicles are coming. We missed out thus far on flying cars a-la Jetsons but autonomous cars are being trailed on UK roads now and the Queen announced in her annual state recitation the other day that legislation is coming, to enableĀ a move from experimental to ubiquitous. That's good, right? There aren't many horses on... Continue Reading →

We don’t want you.

It is, perhaps, a moment of transition. The inevitable pain that accompanies the birth of a new thing, a better thing. But today we were faced with the uncontendable truth. Bristol is shut. Didn't we have a lovely day, the day we went to Bristol Drove around, not a space to be found Couldn't even... Continue Reading →

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