Even little ol’ us…

Back in January I blogged about a decision I'd made. Well, you know how it goes, firmly of an opinion one day, and the next day you're flipping and flopping like a badly aimed salmon... Here's the original blog post. So last night all of us that were re-elected to the Parish Council (including a... Continue Reading →

Chicken Diary – the final chapter

It was a few years after we arrived in Charfield, perhaps 2004, when we started keeping chickens. Today, for now at least, we've stopped. Last night unbeknown to us, Mr Fox paid a visit and murdered our remaining three chooks. He dug in under the chickenwire, crossed the run and got into the coop (through, it... Continue Reading →

Leaf it there or pick it up?

Around my village, and all over the country, Horse Chestnuts (Aesculus Hippocastanum) have been having a tough time of it from leaf miner moth infestation. Around now, most of the leaves will have fallen to the ground, and if they've fallen onto your ground you may be thinking of leaving it, or moving it. For... Continue Reading →


You never know how the day is going to turn out. In between showers, Miss and I take the opportunity to go for a walk around the village, as you do. Less than quarter of a mile into the walk we smile a "good afternoon" at a lady coming towards us (we still smile and... Continue Reading →

Season of goodwill

As the Sun sits ever lower in the sky, and somewhere (far away from anywhere I'm likely to be) the gods of commercialmas receive the blessings of their frantic acolytes, Yule approaches.  The Yule tree is up.  Outside, a far more impressive holly is full of bright red berries, suggesting a hard winter ahead, but... Continue Reading →

Chicken (on the) Run

Ok, so at this time of year there's not a lot to harvest from the fruit bed, a few mostly green strawberries and the odd raspberry hanging on into autumn... but somehow the girls found opportunity to have a go. Must keep that gate closed, eh.

Solar Forage, August 14

The forage frenzy continues unabated! As the summer moves inexorably toward equinox and the birth of autumn, the newly purchased (solar powered) freezer is full of cooking apples, raspberries, blackberries and pretty much anything that can be frozen for laters... There are runner beans and broad beans and sliced and diced courgettes in the other... Continue Reading →

Solar Diary June 2014

Well, the month wasn't quite the hot, hot month we were hoping for. It was hot, true enough, but it was also cloudy and humid, and occasionally very wet. Clouds don't let the sunshine through, you know... I was a little sad not to break my 25 kWh innaday cherry. So as the graph shows,... Continue Reading →

Development Opportunity

Or demolition opportunity, really. After nearly ten years of mostly immobile service, the mobile chicken coop has given up the ghost. It was expected. And earlier today while pulling up stinging nettles I attempted to lower the undercarriage and wheel the coop out of the way... and the base collapsed. So, it stays where it... Continue Reading →

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