That 10 year challenge thing

There's a thing going around on social media called the ten year challenge - post a picture of yourself now and ten years ago. The idea being to highlight how young you still look, or how much weight you've lost, or perhaps how the years have fallen upon you with malice aforethought... It's probably designed... Continue Reading →

Not only am I a grumpy bugger, I'm an unapologetic grumpy bugger, and I can't avoid a grump when I see boxes of wasted food. Yes, it's pumpkin time again. As a pagan, of course, I'm more than open to the time of year. Samhain is a wonderfully inspiring point on the annual race around... Continue Reading →

Every Little Hurts

Yes, it's Saturday and the shoppers are out and about. Busy shopping day in busy little Wotton under Edge. Indeed, there are car parking bays closed further up the high street for safety purposes while scaffolding work takes place on an old building. Cars are driving around in circles seeking places to park... And yet... Continue Reading →

Amazon (etc) gift cards

I wonder how many of us send out Amazon gift cards via email, as last minute presents or stocking fillers? I've just had reason to check my Amazon order archive, and I found a whole load of unredeemed vouchers from last Yule / Christmas / Solstice amounting to a couple of hundred quid! I've never... Continue Reading →

Driving the Druid to Distraction

In my paid employment, I have to drive places. Now, I can hear all the cries of "a Druid should walk, bicycle or at least use public transport". But that's not feasible in the work I do, and the work I do keeps the lights on - and probably the computer you're reading this on,... Continue Reading →


I'm not a fan of Tesco, but generally in moments of time constrained apathy you'll find me shopping there, sacrificing personal ethic for convenience... bit like so many other folk. However, this week has hardened my resolve - for a little while at least (At least I'm honest about my soft ethics and not joking about the... Continue Reading →

Watching the guilt-meter…

Just bought one of these... The Owl Now I can sit at my study desk and watch the instantaneous cost of the electrical goods in my home as they all consume, consume, consume their way through the National Grid's finest mobile electrons! lol. They are on offer this month only, at £29.95 including delivery. Elsewhere... Continue Reading →

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