Sexual Initiation

sex is Magick, sex is ace sex can take you to another place and I can too so cum with me just lie down here be neath this tree and don’t be frightened be assured you’ll be Enlightened, on my word I know some folk will tell you no they have already? told you so... Continue Reading →


Relativity You bewilder me And I don’t know where I stand Over here you see You look fine to me Sky above me, feet upon the land But a small degree of a change in c sends me falling on my ass For the energy spent accordingly is dependent on the mass

Deaths Door

What if death is not a door And nothing but our eyes are blind But take a different way to see The place we hide behind the space If touching slightly to the blue If treading to the scent of bells Would cause us all to understand The view we struggle to get to The... Continue Reading →

Ear ache!

  The fabric of the tent do shake His gob agape and arms wide flinging... Those dulcet tones! The floor do quake. And strangely all our ears are ringing. The cafe bar staff call for help As off their shelves the plates are winging. Atonal torture. Please, no more! Won't someone stop old bish from... Continue Reading →

Happy Annibirthary!

In the darkness of night Mrs flappy bird takes flight Startled out of her nest by a multitude of things. Marking, planning, keeping scores Not to mention menopause hot and cold and tense and tired Mrs flappy bird's a-flight And beside her in the nest Mr flappy bird's at rest Fast asleep... and then not... Continue Reading →


So, I drive my car with gentle foot, to eke out precious fuel And the central heating thermostat is turned down as a rule The solar roof is waiting for the Sun to top the hills But I’m more concerned today about the chance of toxic spills --- Yes it’s true I am a hypocrite... Continue Reading →

Doggerel for Bonfire Night

We sing out "Remember the fifth of November" and gather in schools and in parks. With Health and with Safety we coo, point and gasp at the sanitised festival larks. Just as Samhain has softened from what it once was; No more ancestors, just trick and treating, Bonfire night has become just a laugh and... Continue Reading →


Mask I'm wearing the smile with the mirror-glass eyes, It's a mask I put on now and then. For now, it's a fixture; it's not coming off. If it does I can't say right now, when. If a year was a bottle, wine filled and cork topped, There's no doubt I would still drink it... Continue Reading →

The Moment of the Melt

  The Moment of the Melt... When grey sky gives cautious way to whispering blue. And trees let loose their cloaks and stretch out waking arms. Snow drifts retreat, and icy paths crunch under foot As the unmasked soil offers a wet brown face to the child Sun. This time is precious. As brief and beautiful as a bubble,... Continue Reading →

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