The Hedge Druid’s Craft, a review

The Hedge Druid’s Craft, by Joanna van der Hoeven The subtitle for this Pagan Portals booklet is “an introduction to walking between the worlds of Wicca, Witchcraft and Druidry”, and it forms one part of a larger work of booklets from Moon Books that outline the concepts of many pagan pathways. Released in 2017, this... Continue Reading →

Dodger, Terry Pratchett

Dodger, by Terry Pratchett. Just got around to finishing this. In real hardback book format (like all my PTerrys) and therefore liable to being dropped each night as I slip into slumber. As with all PTerry works, this was very enjoyable. However, using the name Dodger in a real world Victorian London tale continually put... Continue Reading →

Jack Glass, by Adam Roberts

On a rainy birthday day-off, I've just enjoyed a rare but delicious hour in a hot bath, and finished off Jack Glass, by Adam Roberts (Kindle version). In my youth I lived on science fiction, and then as the years went by I tended toward fantasy, when I had any time to read non-fiction at... Continue Reading →

Druidry and the Ancestors

Druidry and the Ancestors, by Nimue Brown As the regular reader (I know your name) will know, I picked this book up the other week at The Druid Network Conference. Nearly all books on Druidry seem to have covers showing trees, and while this one is no exception, I absolutely love the artwork that Nimue's... Continue Reading →

Book Pile

I've been a bit busy recently, and so the pictures I took in Cyprus and the review of the recent TDN Conference will be along in a little while. But oh, my, look what I bought at Conference! Already loving the listen of Talis Kimberley's CDs, I'm looking forward to reading Emma's new book on... Continue Reading →

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