Mmm, if you looked at the top image and went, that’s not a heron, well done!

I think the shot below is perhaps the best photograph I’ve taken in a long time. As I walked up from the reed beds that line the edge of the River Severn I spooked this heron, and it flew away towards the field margin and landed in a tree. The curve of the branch is almost perfect, and the pastel bokeh in the background adds an unexpected bloom of colour – I think it’s probably the tile roof of a farm house.

Like the courting pigeons in the top shot, a spontaneous grab in the hope the camera settings were not too far from reasonable. You can do a lot in post processing, but it’s not proper magic, as the pigeons clesarly prove. For proper magic it seems you now simply pull up an AI process… I wonder if real photography will die, along with writing editorials, preparing basic legal documents and judgements and, soon, medical diagnoses… all hail our machine overlords.

5 responses to “Heron”

  1. Pigeons never looked that pretty, hopefully you can’t fake the wings. Great heron.


    1. Actually I disagree. If they weren’t so numerous we would notice their beauty more. But en mass they are simply a grey annoyance. These two were at it on a power line so far away I was only able to produce this soft version but I still liked it.


  2. Old ways of doing things linger on, despite ‘progress’ – so long as some of us keep doing the things, traditions and ways of working will stay alive.

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  3. That heron photo is stunning, and couldn’t be replicated in AI. It’s a capture of a moment in time and a magical encounter with wild nature.


    1. Thanks very much. 🙂

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