Sumer is i-cumin in

It’s struggling, but the summer is coming… I can’t remember when winter was last this long, and spring so half hearted, but you have to take what comes, eh. All those years of talking about impending climate chaos and when it comes it’s all so surprising… The bee in the top shot is hanging from some newly blooming Comfrey in the orchard, and the orange tip below is on some of the Heucera in Janet’s garden borders.

Out in the local woodland the bluebells are coming up, but perhaps not in the carpets of previous years. THis shot from Damery Woods taken on a far sunnier day last week.

But in the pond, obviously overlooked in larval form by the voracious koi and other predators, this fellow peeks up from the marginal Iris bed. Not sure yet what he/she is, being newly emerged.

Sumer is i-cumin in. And I ever heard a cuckoo this morning!

One response to “Sumer is i-cumin in”

  1. Lovely pics. Summer is surely taking it’s time, I only hope when it arrives it does not do so with a vengance.


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