Pics for the day

Just remember, if you’re going to play around with the chicks, make sure mum isn’t close by…

You looking at me?

Greylag Goose chicks at WWT Slimbridge today, on a very wet morning. Of course it was raining; it was a Bank Holiday in Britain! But while we’re on the subject of chicks… the robin chicks whose parents recklessly built their nest in one of the front gardens, next door to a house with a free roaming tomcat… ah, yes. They were playful companions for several minutes… good for them. Everything has an -ishness and we all have our natures, but i do dislike that of cats. And indeed cats. Which is strange, because liking cats is almost Internet Lore… Even on the partially built and totally fun new BlueSky there are hellthreads of cat photos… along with all sorts of other ones, as with all new internet protocols. Anyhow, in memoriam, little defenseless cat toys.

ex-Robin Chicks

One response to “Pics for the day”

  1. This is the reason our cats are in a catio when they are outside. And that one is deaf and it’s not safe for her to be loose.


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