Frogal Lengths

I spotted this frog bravely if futily guarding a section of the main pond. There’s spawn now in the smaller pond, but if they decide to spread any in here it will only add a little xtra tastiness to the diet of the patrolling koi and other pond fish.

90mm f5.6 1/400 ISO1250

I decided to take substantially the same image using the lenses I had to hand. Obviously the miniumum focusing distance of the longer lens was quite a way back, while in the macro you can see my silhouette in the frog’s eye. Just for fun, here they all are. I’ve cropped and processed them substantially the same way in each case. The base camera is Sony A7r4

Comments welcome. Which one do you prefer, if any? No frogs were kissed in the making of this post.

One response to “Frogal Lengths”

  1. Frogs are very special creatures. I like all of them, but the close-up is especially endearing.

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