Postcards from Anglesey

On a trip up to North Wales to assist my mum during her cataract operation, we nipped over to RSPB South Stack on Anglesey, or Ynys Mon. Later, we also had a brief wander around RSPB Conwy. The weather was highly localised, and we could walk into and out of snow and sunshine almost at whim.

Goleudy Ynys Lawd Lighthouse
Weather systems dumping snow and hail over Snowdonia, from Anglesey
Guillemot ledge at South Stack
More Guillemots. There were perhaps five hundred. Apparently we were fortunate to see them, as at this time of year they only visit to get warmth from the sunlit ledges before heading back out to sea.
A speculative shot towards where we thought Snowdon might be
Trying for a nmore neutral view of the lower slopes
Conwy Castle from RSPB Conwy
Just a robin on a reed 🙂
Happily buried deep in a dark bush, singing to itself for the joy of it

2 responses to “Postcards from Anglesey”

  1. Stunning scenery and great shots of the cheeky robins.

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  2. Particularly like the atmospheric snow and hail pic!

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