Water Rail

Water Rails are shy birds, and I was delighted to see one emerge from the reedbeds and cautiously dig around for breakfast… Not the first time of seeing for me, but this time it came right out and had a swim in the very flooded wetlands around Slimbridge WWT. It looks very diffferent in swim mode, and I was glad I had the longer lens with me (Sony 200-600 GM, named ‘The Hubble’).

Water Rail emerging from reedbad
Slowly emerging from the reedbed
Water Rail stood in wetland
Checking all around, just in case…
Water Rail swimming
Nice day for a swim!

All the shots here are taken with Sony A7R4 at
600mm f6.3 1/1000 at ISO 1250
during a brief sunny interlude in early January.
©2023 Rosher

One response to “Water Rail”

  1. What a lovely little bird and great pics.

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