Winter arrived!

I smile at the title of the previous post… “winter arrives” it proclaimed. But it hadn’t. It has now.

Early Morning: Ice sculptures on the back garden grass, with a hint of sunlight appearing on the fence behind
My best attempt so far (still very poor) of an ice bubble, here on the frozen garden pond
Not deep snow, really, but for Britain it’s an ice age! Still, no grass to mow
And when you have a warm home to return to, it’s utterly beautiful.

For all its beauty it’s brutal for anyone, human or non-human, without a warm nest to snuggle into. UK or Ukraine, there are people out there making the best of a dreadful existence. May peace return, as solstice approaches. May more than the Sun be still, at least for a time. No bombs, no hunger, no terror… May the gods that be, agree.

And then the Sun begins to silence the cold, and the grass sighs in relief.

One response to “Winter arrived!”

  1. Lovely photos. Down here we didn’t really get snow, only the cold. It reminds me of my first winter in Boston after fourteen in San Diego. I couldn’t get warm. The sun is welcome, but still the cold seeps through. I say amen to your last two sentences.

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