Winter arrives

The summer seemed unending, and it felt almost inconceivable that we might slip back into winter, but the planet’s tilt will not be ignored no matter how much carbon we throw into the air. Winter is here.

I woke to -6ºC this morning, and a bright crisp frost under the bluest sky. The village lay under a blanket of mist that barely broke the rooftops and which soon dissipated. Summer now feels a lifetime away.

I was taken by the rotundity of some of our non-human folk, who have to make the best of the cold…

Don’t get too close; I may be about to explode!
It’s all very well for you, with your overcoat and bobble hat…
But when the Sun shines, everything goes to gold…
Highs and Lows, she’s always up there…

One response to “Winter arrives”

  1. Yes, we have some chubby robins and other birds about now. The afternoon sun down here bathes all the oak trees and turns the world a lovely soft golden colour. I love the light this time of year. This morning I woke up with a faintly golden moon shining in my eyes in the west. A wonderful sight to begin the day.

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