The Royal Family

Another lovely day, filled with sunny walks on dappled tow-paths and pubs with pies and pints a-plenty. And Kingfishers! I’ve done a page of kingfishers before but one is never enough to capture the irridescence of these marvellous predators. And this time I’ve got both the male and the female. I’m particularly pleased with the female, which was a manually focused shot from the handheld Hubble (Sony 200-600mm)

female kingfisher
Female Kingfisher, on alert to potential yumminess in the fast flowing river Avon
male kingfisher
The male kingfisher with autumnal foliage giving a beautifully muted negative space.

These are all reduced definition images ©2022. Contact me if you want to make use of the full resolution set.

Addendum: I’ve added a couple more shots to this page. They weren’t my initial go-to shots but came out of the processing when I’d a chance to spend more time pulling out the details and cloning out annoying little intrusions. That’s photography… as an art form. Even Ansel Adams manipulated his film negatives…

Really liked this one after I got rid of some foliage on the left, female kingfisher.
The leaves are annoying in this one, that I yanked out of a very under exposed shot, but the bird’s ok.

3 responses to “The Royal Family”

  1. Stunning birds and it’s wonderful you caught them in contemplative poses. They are so often seen as a blur of colour.

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  2. I’m inclined to think that anything short of being crushed to death by kingfishers does not count as too many kingfishers.

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  3. I’ve added a couple more shots to this page…

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